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                  HOME > English > Coating die > High precision smear head

                  Product Name: JN-009 high precision coating machine
                  Brand: JIUNEN
                  Origin: Nanjing
                  Release date: 2017-08-09
                  Product details
                  Main features:
                  JN-009 high precision coating machine is designed and developed by Nanjing nine company. The core parts of the equipment are coated with scraper. The coating roll is produced by our company. It is made by the special materials developed by our company. After many heat treatment and high precision grinding equipment, the processing technology is not the same. The shape we control is excellent, the characteristic material strengthens the deformation of the scraper itself. This is the place where we are different. The whole frame is made of high strength steel plate. We do not assemble the welding process. We can not find any welding points on this equipment. It can guarantee the user to use it for a few years to avoid it. No whole frame deformation. Regulating function of the German manual control assembly for micro and automatic adjustment function in Japan, Korea, Taiwan high precision probe automatic test distance deviation, feedback to the host for automatic tuning. The equipment is equipped with an automatic feeding system. All standard accessories are imported brand SMC, Neugart, Siemens, DONG-DO, Omron, CST.
                  Specifications and specifications and technical parameters
                  Model Face(MM) Width of scraper(MM) Diameter of scraper(MM) Coating roll surface(MM) Coating roll(MM) Coordination precision Regulating function
                  850 type 800  950 Φ160 1000 Φ320 1um automatic Manual
                  1100type 1000 1150 Φ160 1200 Φ320 1um automatic Manual
                  1400type 1350 1450 Φ198 1500 Φ320 1um automatic Manual
                  1600type 1550 1650 Φ198 1700 Φ320 1um automatic Manual
                  1800type 1750 1850 Φ198 1950 Φ320 Coordination precision automatic Manual
                  2000type 1950 2050 Φ198 2150 Φ320 2um automatic Manual
                  2200type 2150 2250 Φ198 2350 Φ320 2um automatic Manual
                  2400type 2350 2450 Φ198 2550 Φ320 3um automatic Manual
                  control mode Programmable control and touch screen
                  It is suitable for: PET protective film, heat insulation film, all kinds of industrial electronic tape, ultra-thin double-sided tape, automobile film, release paper, lithium electrode, adhesive.

                  • Contact: Wahson Mobile: 18012938886 Tel: 025-57268588 Fax:025-57268598
                  • Nine can provide cutting machines, coating heads, coatings, comma scrapers, scrapers, coated knives, coating rolls, coated scrapers. Telephone: 025-57268588
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